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Thriv Organic Protein
U.S. FDA REGISTRATION NO. 14752107848  |  Certified Organic by CCOF

THriV 1-4-1 is a company that will match every purchase with a similar protein meal given to a child in need. Based on the One for One concept.

With 20 grams of protein per serving, our Vanilla Pea Protein powder will add a boost of protein to your favorite smoothie, shake, drink or recipe.

THriV Products

THrīV’s products are researched and developed by Nutrition Science Laboratories (NSL), a world class facility that specializes in the formulation of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. NSL’s Mission is to provide consumers with scientifically validated, quality, products that are of the utmost effectiveness and provide substantial benefits for maintaining health and nutrition. THrīV consumers can trust that any content  written on the package is valid, and that the product does what they say it is going to do.

Product safety, purity and potency are all being carefully scrutinized by government agencies, and product quality is an important factor in delivering nutritional solutions. THrīV products provide needy communities and everyday individuals with the assurance that regulated compliance is being met. 

  • NSL’s facilities are GMP certified.  GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure product quality.  
  • Every raw material and outgoing batch is analyzed for quality and verified to a 99% standard.
  • This high standard of quality is achieved through unsurpassed research and science in independent clinical studies on ingredients and finished goods; through the most modern manufacturing capabilities and patented processes. 
  • Each and every raw material is analyzed for potency and every batch produced is analyzed for purity and content by an independent laboratory.

In-house quality control personnel test the Organoleptic properties of the substances as experienced by the senses, including taste,sight, smell, and touch, in cases where dryness, moisture, and stale-fresh factors are to be considered. 100% inspection is done by the production team and Quality Control performs random sampling on in-process materials.

THriV Chocolate OrganicVanilla Organic Protein Powder

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